SB 1070 Case Information

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The purpose of this page is to provide key information regarding the status of cases relating to SB 1070 that are pending in this court:

CV10-0926-PHX-SRB - Frisancho v. Brewer, et al.
CV10-0249-TUC-SRB - Escobar v. Brewer, et al.
CV10-0951-PHX-SRB - Salgado, et al. v. Brewer, et al.
CV10-1061-PHX-SRB - Friendly House, et al. v. Whiting, et al.
CV10-0943-PHX-SRB - National Coalition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders, et al. v. State of Arizona, et al.
CV10-1413-PHX-SRB - United States of America v. State of Arizona, et al.
CV10-1453-PHX-NVW - League of United Latin America Citizens, et al.  v.  State of Arizona, et al.

The information below includes upcoming scheduled court proceedings, as well as certain orders of interest.  If you are interested in viewing complete case information which includes the ability to view all documents filed in each case, please visit the Judiciary's Public Access to Case Electronic Records (PACER) system:

If you are already a registered user of PACER, click HERE.  If you wish to register for PACER, click HERE.

2:10-cv-01061-SRB -- Friendly House, et al, v. Whiting, et al
Date Filed Document Name Document
10/08/2010 Order on Motions to Dismiss, Preliminary Injunction, and Request for Order on Pending Motion PDF icon 10-1061-447.pdf
2:10-cv-01413-SRB -- United States of America v. Arizona, State of, et al
Date Filed Document Name Document
07/28/2010 Order on Preliminary Injunction PDF icon 10-1413-87.pdf