How are proposed orders submitted?

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Electronically submitted orders must be included as separate attachment to the motion or stipulation. Following the filing of the motion or stipulation, a proposed order in WordPerfect or MS Word format and pdf version of the motion or stipulation must immediately be sent to the court in a separate, non-ECF generated e-mail message. The proposed order must not contain any form of signature line or block for the judge. The proposed order, as well as a pdf version of the related motion or stipulation, should be attached to an Internet e-mail message and sent to the e-mail address of the assigned judge. The subject line of the message should contain the case number and title of the case, and the text of the message should reference the document number assigned to the motion or stipulation assigned by the ECF system when it was electronically filed. A typical e-mail message subject line would appear as follows: "Proposed Order in 2:05cv12345 Smith vs. Jones, et al." under Section II.G.1.c. of the Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual.