I am having a problem with the text size in a PDF document that was converted from a word processing program. How can I correct this problem?

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Often the print settings within Adobe Acrobat are set such that print scaling enabled. Print scaling will shrink the printed content of a PDF document so that a "best fit" on paper is achieved, and this often results in a visually reduced font size when the PDF document is printed to paper. In order to print a PDF document such that the font size matches that of the original document, you will need to disable print scaling within Adobe Acrobat. To do this, when attempting to print a PDF document that is being viewed in ECF, from the printing dialog window change the setting that appears in the "Page Scaling" field (this is found within the "Page Handling" section of the printing dialog window) to read "None", and then click on "OK" to print the document. Once the print settings are changed so that print scaling is disabled, Acrobat will "remember" this setting such that it does not need to be selected in the future.