What are the common things to remember when e-filing?

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a. The civil cover sheet should be submitted as an attachment to the complaint. If a notice of removal, the supplemental cover sheet should also be attached.

b. Include your e-mail address on your title page.

c. Date your document.

d. Sign your document with s/(your name).

e. Proposed orders shall be an attachment to the motion or stipulation and must also be e-mailed to the judge's chambers.

f. Select the correct event for your document. Check "Other Documents" for frequently overlooked selections.

g. Adding the word "SEALED" to your docket entry does not seal your entry. See Section II., I and J of the Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual before filing a sealed or ex parte document.

h. A document to be filed should be converted to PDF from your word processing program, and the PDF file must be text searchable. Documents which exist only in paper form may be scanned into PDF for electronic filing. To be sure you are filing the correct document, always open the PDF before attaching it to your entry.

i. Dual entries are sometimes necessary. The same PDF can be attached but two entries will be needed. Example: Response to a Motion for Summary Judgment and Cross-Motion for Summary Judgment. This will be e-filed as a response first and then as a motion.

j. File documents in the new criminal case, rather than the magistrate case, after an indictment has been filed.

k. If you are filing a two part motion, be sure to select both events. Example: For a Motion to Continue Trial and Extend Time to File Pretrial Motions you would select "Continue" and "Extend Time to File Pretrial Motions" from the "Motions" list, using control-click to select the second motion.