What are the guidelines for scanning documents?

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ECF Document Scanning Tips

NOTE: Per LRCiv 7.1(c) and the District of Arizona ECF Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual, only those documents which exist only in paper form are to be scanned into PDF format prior to e-filing. All other documents must be converted to PDF directly from a word processing program, and be text searchable.

1. Use 300 dpi resolution for scanning documents.

2. Set image type to black and white bitmap, text (image only), or line art.

3. Do not use Textbridge or OCR software, which scan the document to find alterations or to recognize words for later word processing. For filing purposes, we need only an image of the document.

4. Use black ink if possible. Blue ink and pencil do not scan well. If necessary, make a copy of the document before scanning it, and darken with the copy machine settings.

5. Request depositions on portable media (such as a floppy disk, CD, or flash drive) and convert them to PDF using a word processor.

6. Use PDF writer software such as Adobe Acrobat Standard or Professional on the scanning computer to simplify the scanning process. In Acrobat, scan documents directly to PDF files by clicking File...Create PDF...From Scanner from the menu bar, or Create PDF...From Scanner from the tool bar (Acrobat 6/7/8), or File...Import...Scan from the menu bar (Acrobat 5).

7. Check the size of a scanned document before uploading it to CM/ECF. The size limit is 10 MB (ten megabytes, or 10000 KB) per document. To check the file size, locate the file in Windows Explorer and either right-click on the file and choose Properties, or hold your mouse cursor on the file name and it will display the size after about a half a second. If you use Adobe Acrobat to create the PDF file, with the file open in Acrobat, press Control-D to view the file size on the Acrobat document properties screen.

8. Estimated number of pages in a 10 MB scanned document:

a. Plain text, correspondence, pleadings, etc. 60-250 pages
b. Tables, charts, extensive graphics 8-40 pages
c. Condensed transcripts 20-30 pages

9. If a scanned document is larger than 10 MB, use PDF writer software such as Adobe Acrobat Standard or Professional to extract/remove pages from the document to a separate file, resulting in two files. This prevents re-scanning the document.