Why does the PACER login screen appear when I click on my document link?

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Double-clicking will lose the free look at the document. It is important to only single-click the hyperlink to view the document.

Refrain from viewing the document in the e-mail preview mode. Fully open the e-mail and then click on the link.

The free look is available only from the Notice of Electronic Filing in one's e-mail, and not from the e-filing receipt displayed inside ECF upon e-filing a document.

After the free look viewing of the PDF document, you must have a PACER account and log in to PACER to view the documents referenced by the document number hyperlink in the Notice of Electronic Filing e-mail.

If you believe you are receiving the PACER login prompt in error, you can contact the PACER Service Center for assistance at 1-800-676-6856.