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Information for Jurors

Due to COVID-19 and pursuant to General Order 20-20, all jury trials are suspended up to and including June 1, 2020.  The Court may issue other orders concerning future continuances as necessary.  Any updates will be posted to this web page and also to your juror reporting status.  If you are a juror on call during this time period, you should still complete the juror qualification questionnaire.

Welcome to jury service in the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona. Following are some areas of interest to assist you during your term of service. If you do not find the answer to your question on our website, please call the jury office.

Jurors perform a vital role in the American system of justice. The protection of our rights and liberties is largely achieved through the teamwork of judge and jury who, working together in a common effort, put into practice the principles of our great heritage of freedom. The judge determines the law to be applied in the case while the jury decides the facts. Thus, in a very important way, jurors become a part of the court itself.

The U. S. District Court will never ask for personal information over the telephone. Most contact between the court and a prospective juror takes place through the U. S. Mail. Any telephone contact initiated by the court will not include requests for social security numbers, credit card numbers, or any other personal or sensitive information.

Handbook for Trial Jurors Serving in the U.S. District Court
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Court Locations and Parking
Juror Information Letter
Contacting the Jury Office
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