2018-2019 Proposed Amendments to Local Rules

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Summary of Proposed Amendments - 2018-2019

Summary of 2018-2019 Proposed Local Rule Amendments

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Various Technical Amendments

VARIOUS TECHNICAL AMENDMENTS. Amendment appends “and Procedure” to “Local Rules of Practice” cites within the local rules. The proposed amendment makes the local rules consistent with the Federal Rules of Practice and Procedure and comports with the statutory authority for the local rules, 28 U.S.C. § 2072 (Rules Enabling Act).

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LRCiv 5.2

FILING OF DISCOVERY AND DISCLOSURE NOTICES. Amended to provide a more precise reference to the affected documents, and to clarify that the Local Rule is limited to the exceptions in FRCivP 5(d)(1)(A), and does not extend further to whatever other documents might fall within the scope of FRCivP 5(d)(1)(B)(ii).

PDF icon LRCiv 5.2 2018-2019.pdf
LRCiv 5.5

ELECTRONIC FILING. Based upon changes to FRCivP 5(b)(2), 5(d)(1)(B), 5(d)(3)(A) and (B), which became effective December 1, 2018 and to eliminate redundancy, LRCiv 5.5 is amended to delete the second sentence of subparagraph (b) and to delete subparagraph (h) in its entirety; Subparagraph (i) is renumbered as (h).

PDF icon LRCiv 5.5 2018-2019.pdf
LrCiv 7.1(b)(2)

FORMS OF PAPERS; PLEADINGS AND OTHER PAPERS. Amends rule to be consistent with the ECF administrative manual, which requires that electronically submitted proposed orders be attached to the motion or stipulation versus lodging a separate proposed order.

PDF icon LRCiv 7.1(b)(2) 2018-2019.pdf
LRCiv 54.2(e)(2)(D)

ATTORNEYS’ FEES AND RELATED NON-TAXABLE EXPENSES. Amends rule to delete Section (e)(2)(D) regarding Travel Time.

PDF icon LRCiv 54.2(e)(2)(D) 2018-2019.pdf
LRCrim 5.2

RELATED CASES; CONSOLIDATION; SERVICE; ASSIGNMENT TRANSFER OF CASES; FILING OF MOTION TO TRANSFER; RESPONSIVE AND REPLY MEMORANDA; ASSIGNMENT. Title and text amended to comply with the court’s current procedures regarding the transfer of criminal cases.
(Note: this amendment was adopted by General Order 18-09 as an emergency amendment pursuant to LRCiv 83.9(a). The General Order will become obsolete upon publication of the 2018-2019 local rule amendments on 12/1/19.)

PDF icon LRCrim 5.2 2018-2019.pdf
LRCrim 49.6

ACCESSING SEALED COURT RECORDS. Amendment creates a new Local Rule setting forth procedures for making an application to access sealed criminal court records.

PDF icon LRCrim 49.6 2018-2019.pdf
LRCrim 57.6(d)(26)

UNITED STATES MAGISTRATE JUDGES. Amendment adds to the duties of magistrate judges the responsibility for issuing orders upon appropriate application for access to sealed records pursuant to LRCrim 49.6.

PDF icon LRCrim 57.6(d)(26) 2018-2019.pdf