Prisoner Mediation Program Training Seminar for Volunteer Mediator and Pro Bono Limited Purpose Counsel

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In December 2011, the United States District Court established a prisoner mediation pilot program to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our prisoner civil rights case management procedures.   The purpose of the pilot is to attempt to resolve at the earliest possible stage those prisoner cases that are otherwise most likely to go to trial and to reduce future prisoner litigation by resolving regularly recurring policy issues.  At this time, the pilot is limited to cases filed by prisoners confined in Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) institutions.  Since the pilot’s inception, limited-purpose pro bono counsel has been appointed to represent the inmate plaintiffs during the mediation conferences.

On August 28, 2014, the United States District Court held a training seminar for volunteer mediators and limited purpose pro bono attorneys to provide background on the substantive law at issue in prisoner litigation and on procedural and operational information on prison procedures.  A link to that training seminar, along with the handouts provided at the seminar, is below for future volunteer participants.  If you have any questions about the training seminar or the materials, please contact Jodie Brown, Senior Staff Attorney, at