Frequently Asked Questions - Attorney

  • How do I obtain a certificate of good standing?

    A request for a Certificate of Good Standing must be made in writing and be accompanied with payment of the requisite fee.  Please refer to the Fee Schedule for a complete list of fees that the District of Arizona charges.  The request must include the following information:

    • Attorney Name
    • Bar Number
    • Date of Admission

    The Clerk will verify the attorney's status as a member in good standing with the Bar of this Court and, if appropriate, will prepare a Certificate of Good Standing. The Certificate will be mailed to the requester, or can be obtained directly from the Clerk's Office.

    A Certificate of Good Standing is not a substitution for an original Certificate of Admission. If a Duplicate Certificate of Admission is desired, the same application steps described above apply, and specify that a Duplicate Certificate of Admission is requested.

    Requests may be made in person or mailed to:

    Clerk, U.S. District Court
    Attn: Attorney Admissions Clerk
    401 W Washington St, Ste. 130
    Phoenix, Arizona  85003

  • How do I notify the court of a change in name, address, firm, and/or e-mail address?

    Pursuant to LRCivP 83.3(d), attorneys must file a written notice of any name, address, or e-mail address changes in each active case in which they have appeared. Based on such notice, the court will update the ECF system.

    If the attorney does not have any active cases pending in this court, please send a written change of address notice to the court's Attorney Admissions Clerk. The notice should be in the form of a signed letter and submitted as a .pdf attachment to an e-mail message addressed to:

    Upon receipt of the notice filed in each active case, the Clerk’s Office will update all information EXCEPT the attorney’s primary and secondary e-mail addresses. The attorney will be responsible for updating the e-mail address by following the steps under "How do I add or change an e-mail address for ECF electronic noticing?".

  • How do I substitute, withdraw, or remove an attorney from a case?

    The very specific requirements for substituting or withdrawing as counsel of record in a case are set forth by Local Rule of Civil Procedure 83.3 and should be referenced before attempting a substitution or withdrawal. The Local Rules are available on this website.

  • How do I file pro hac vice?

    Attorneys applying to appear pro hac vice must file an application for pro hac vice including an original Certificate of Good Standing. The documents, along with payment of the requisite fee must be submitted to the Clerk's Office.

    Please click here to visit the Attorney Admissions Information section.

  • How does an attorney get admitted to practice in the District?

    Please refer to the Attorney Admissions section for further information.