Notice to Attorneys Regarding Email Addresses in ECF

The Court’s Electronic Case Filing Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual states in Section I(C).:


Before filing in this court, all attorneys in good standing must register for the ECF system by completing the on-line registration form.

Registration permits filing and retrieval of documents and constitutes consent to electronic service of documents by e-mail, as provided by the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. An attorney may register up to two (2) additional e-mail addresses.

Effective March 1, 2018, the Court intends to enforce the additional 2 e-mail address restriction.  All attorneys who are registered with this court and have more than 2 additional e-mail addresses on their account will have the extra e-mail addresses deleted.  The Court will retain the first 2 additional e-mail addresses and delete all other addresses on the account beginning March 1, 2018.

Attorneys are strongly encouraged to review their ECF accounts prior to March 1, 2018 and remove any e-mail addresses that exceed the limit.  No further notice will be given.  

To review your account, select the Utilities category on the events menu and select the “Maintain Your E-mail” category under the “Your Account” header.