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Civil Litigation Panel Membership Information

The District Court’s Civil Litigation Panel provides for pro bono counsel for litigants referred by the Court for appointment of counsel. Membership on the panel is open to all who are admitted to practice before this Court. Panel membership can afford opportunities for full-scope representation, which often includes cases ready for trial, and/or opportunities for limited-scope representation, such as settlement conferences before Magistrate Judges. Cases in which representation is needed generally involve prisoner rights and civil rights. For additional details, please refer to General Order 19-15. Attorneys who are interested in applying for membership on the District of Arizona’s Civil Litigation Panel, or serving as a mentor, or who wish to be point of contact for a law firm should complete an on-line application form located on the Court’s website by clicking here.

Litigation of a case through the civil litigation panel does not preclude counsel from seeking attorneys' fees and costs for prevailing in a fee-generating civil case. Information on recovering costs is available in General Order 10-10.