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Payment Information

Mandatory Appearance

If a Violation Notice is marked Mandatory Appearance, or if there is no amount due marked on the Violation Notice or Notice to Appear, the individual must appear at the date, time, and court location indicated.

Failure to Pay or Appear

If an individual fails to pay the fine or appear in court at the date and time indicated on the Violation Notice or Notice to Appear, the court may issue an arrest warrant.  If an individual is charged with a motor vehicle violation, the court may also report the failure to pay or appear to the Motor Vehicle Division of the individual’s state of residence, which may affect driving and/or registration privileges.

Payment Options

Before paying the fine, please review the information on the “Instructions” page regarding the effect payment may have on an individual’s rights.

If an amount due is shown on the Violation Notice or Notice to Appear, an individual may avoid appearing in court by paying the amount due.  Fines are paid directly to the CVB.  Payments should not be mailed to the court unless the court directs an individual to do so.  The location code and violation number should be included on all payments for proper credit.  There are several ways in which an individual may make payment: 

Central Violations Bureau
P.O. Box 780549
San Antonio, TX 78278

If the amount due as indicated on the Violation Notice or Notice to Appear is paid in full before the court date, the case will be closed.  In order to verify the status of a Violation Notice, please call the CVB at (800) 827-2982.

By paying the amount indicated, an individual may be admitting to a criminal offense and a conviction may appear in a public record with adverse consequences.  Individuals have a right to know more about the charge(s) and may obtain a complete statement of the charge(s) by contacting the CVB at (800) 827-2982.  By paying the amount due, an individual waives his or her right to:  1) contest the violation notice, 2) a trial, and 3) be represented by counsel.