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Training & User Manual

You can learn about e-filing via one or more of these options:

  • Reading the ECF User Manual for the District of Arizona
  • Completing modules from any of the "Specific ECF Training Modules" below
  • Practicing e-filing in the ECF USDC-AZ Training Database

ECF User Manual

ECF User Manual (updated December 2015)
ECF Reminders (August 2010)

NextGen CM/ECF Training Materials to Assist External Users

SUBJECT Video PowerPoint Slides w/Notes Written Instructions
Attorney Admissions and E-File Registration     PDF
CJA Activating Privileges   PPTX PDF
CJA Exempt Status Toggle Feature   PPTX PDF
CJA Navigating from Current Gen to NextGen Court   PPTX PDF
CM/ECF Password Reset   PPTX  
Customer Support - Frequently Asked Questions     PDF
Federal Attorney E-File Registration     PDF
Link Your CM/ECF Account to PACER   PPTX PDF
Maintain NextGen CM/ECF Account   PPTX PDF
Non-Attorney E-File Registration     PDF
Prepare for NextGen Flowchart     PDF
Pro Hac Vice E-File Registration     PDF
Upgrade PACER Account   PPTX  

Specific ECF Training Modules

August 2010 Release Notes
Important Change When Logging into ECF
How to Submit Case Opening Documents
Paying the Filing Fee
Creating an Appendix
E-filing in Juvenile Cases
E-filing Civil Sealed and Ex Parte Documents


Practice E-Filing in the ECF USDC-AZ Training Database

Access to the training database is authorized so that ECF users can practice e-filing.  To obtain a login and password, please contact Customer Service at 602-322-7200.  Once assigned login credentials, please click here for complete instructions.

To log in to the USDC-AZ ECF training database, please click here.