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Training & User Manual

You can learn about e-filing via one or more of these options:

  • Reading the ECF User Manual for the District of Arizona
  • Completing modules from any of the "Specific ECF Training Modules" below
  • Practicing e-filing in the ECF USDC-AZ Training Database

ECF User Manual

ECF User Manual (updated December 2015)
ECF Reminders (August 2010)

NextGen CM/ECF Training Materials to Assist External Users

SUBJECT Written Instructions PowerPoint Slides w/Notes
Attorney Admissions and E-File Registration PDF  
CJA Activating Privileges PDF PPTX
CJA Exempt Status Toggle Feature PDF PPTX
CJA Navigating from Current Gen to NextGen Court PDF PPTX
CM/ECF Password Reset   PPTX
Customer Support - Frequently Asked Questions PDF  
Federal Attorney E-File Registration PDF  
Link Your CM/ECF Account to PACER PDF PPTX
Maintain NextGen CM/ECF Account PDF PPTX
Non-Attorney E-File Registration PDF  
Prepare for NextGen Flowchart PDF  
Pro Hac Vice E-File Registration PDF  
Upgrade PACER Account   PPTX

Specific ECF Training Modules

How to Submit Case Opening Documents
Paying the Filing Fee
Creating an Appendix
E-filing in Juvenile Cases
E-filing Civil Sealed and Ex Parte Documents


Practice E-Filing in the ECF USDC-AZ Training Database

Access to the training database is authorized so that ECF users can practice e-filing.  To obtain a login and password, please contact Customer Service at 602-322-7200.  Once assigned login credentials, please click here for complete instructions.

To log in to the USDC-AZ ECF training database, please click here.