How do I add or change an e-mail address for ECF electronic noticing?

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1.  Log in to ECF.

2. Go to “Utilities”, “Your Account”

3. Click on “Maintain Your E-mail”

4. Click on the existing e-mail address in the “Registered e-mail addresses” list.

5. The selected e-mail address will appear for updating under “Configuration options” on the right side of the screen.

6. Make necessary changes to the existing e-mail address.

7. Click on “Submit all changes” before exiting this screen.

*** Although you are able to add cases of interest to your profile on this screen, please be advised that pursuant to LRCiv 5.5(i), a Registered User may subscribe to receive Notices of Electronic Filing in an unsealed case in which the Registered User is not a party or counsel of record by filing a text-only Notice of Request for E-Notice event on the electronic document. Upon receipt of the Notice of Request for E-Notice, the Clerk’s Office will add the case of interest to your profile.

*** Pursuant to LRCiv 83.3(d), an attorney or unrepresented party must file a notice of name or address change, and an attorney must also file a notice of change of firm name or e-mail address. A separate notice must be filed in each active case.

Upon receipt of the notice filed in each active case, the Clerk’s Office will update all information EXCEPT the attorney’s primary and secondary e-mail addresses. The attorney will be responsible for updating the e-mail address by following the steps above.

*** Please note that you may also add e-mail addresses to your profile.

Pursuant to Section I. C of the Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual, you may register up to two (2) additional e-mail addresses. E-mail addresses exceeding this limit may be removed by the Clerk’s Office.