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General Orders

Date Filed Description File
07/23/2006 Delegation of Authority to Clerk to Refund an Erroneous Electronically Paid Fee and to Forego Collection of Fee for an Erroneous Filing PDF icon 06-15.pdf
06/19/2006 Approval for Legal Service Attorneys to Appear on Behalf of Authorized Legal Service Organization PDF icon 06-14.pdf
02/06/2006 ECF Registered User Exemption for U.S. Attorney Victim Witness Personnel PDF icon 06-03.pdf
12/11/2005 The Maintenance of Petitions/Warrants in Criminal Actions Involving Probation Violation, Violation of Supervised Release, or Violation of Pretrial Conditions of Release (SUPERSEDES General Order 05-33) PDF icon 05-35.pdf
04/27/2005 Documents Submitted Under Procedures for Registering Foreign Judgments and Designated by the Clerk as Civil Miscellaneous Filings PDF icon 05-14.pdf
12/17/2004 Admission of Attorneys by Magistrate Judges (SUPERSEDES General Order 00-09) PDF icon 04-21.pdf
05/14/2003 Requiring Cashier's Checks or Money Orders in Lieu of Cash for Criminal Appearance Bonds in excess of $1,000.00 PDF icon 03-08.pdf
02/11/2003 Change of Plea Before U.S. Magistrate Judge in Criminal Cases Charging Violation of 21 U.S.C. § 841 and 21 U.S.C. § 952, and 8 U.S.C. § 1326 (SUPERSEDES General Order 99-11) PDF icon 03-03.pdf
03/20/2002 Service of Process Upon Judicial Officers PDF icon 02-05.pdf
01/14/2002 Trial De Novo Fees in Arbitration Cases PDF icon 02-02.pdf
06/28/2001 Referring Bankruptcy Cases and Authorizing Bankruptcy Appeals to be Heard by a Bankruptcy Appellate Panel (SUPERSEDING General Order 98-4) PDF icon 01-15.pdf
01/08/2001 Transportation of Non-Government Personnel in GSA Vehicles PDF icon 01-02.pdf
01/08/2001 Release of Confidential Information For Sex Offender Registration PDF icon 01-03.pdf
02/28/1998 Identifying Those General Orders Which are Now Obsolete PDF icon 98-01.pdf,
PDF icon 98-01goindex.pdf,
PDF icon obsords.pdf,
PDF icon obsordsub.pdf
01/25/1998 Procedure for Selecting Lawyer Representatives PDF icon 98-57.pdf
01/14/1998 Video Teleconferencing Sites Located in the Phoenix and Tucson Courthouses and the Corrections Corporation of America Facility in Pinal County PDF icon 98-56.pdf
01/20/1991 Amending Sentencing Procedures Under Sentencing Reform Act of 1984 in General Order #166, Section I PDF icon 98-21.pdf
11/16/1989 Authorizing the Bankruptcy Judges to make Local Rules of Practice and Procedure PDF icon 98-18.pdf
07/29/1987 Custody of Sensitive Exhibits PDF icon 98-07.pdf