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Notice to Public Regarding Fake Case Information

Friday, September 28, 2018

The District of Arizona has received several reports from individuals who reside both in our district and abroad who have received what appears to be a court order filed in the District of Arizona. The document states that the individual receiving the document must decide whether they want to be part of a Class Action Settlement. The document further states that in order for the individual’s claim to be considered they must submit a “proof of claim and release form in order to be eligible for any settlement benefits”. The “claim form” asks for information such as

  • the names and amounts of shares sold and purchased,
  • claimant banking details, including account numbers.

The Court will never issue an Order requiring banking information or any other personal information from a potential claimant in a class action case.

If you receive a suspicious document like the one described above, DO NOT send any personal information or payment to the sender. Please contact the Clerk’s Office at 602-322-7200 or 520-205-4200 to report such activity.