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Requesting Court Records

Effective August 1, 2005, most documents are available to all PACER subscribers for a fee of $.10 per page, not to exceed $3.00 per document downloaded.  If you acrue $30 or less of charges in a quarter, fees are waived for that period.

The Clerk's Office will also provide copies of court documents for a fee.  Click here for the fee schedule.

Court records filed prior to August 1, 2005, are generally maintained at the Clerk's Office for a period of 5 years after the case has been closed.  Inactive records are periodically sent to the Federal Records Center in Perris, California.

You can request a file that has been sent to the Federal Records Center by contacting our Customer Services Department (in person or by mail) and submitting a fee of $64 for the first box and $39 for each additional box, in advance.  Please contact our office to determine the proper location of a court file prior to payment of the fee.

Public access computers and microfiche indexes are available in the Customer Service lobby and may be used at no charge for research purposes or to locate a case number if you do not have one.

Phoenix Clerk's Office:  602-322-7200
Tucson Clerk's Office:  520-205-4200