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Lawyer Representatives

Lawyer Representatives to the Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference

Each year the Judges of the United States District Court and Bankruptcy Court in Arizona select lawyers with experience in the Federal Courts to serve as Lawyer Representatives to the Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference. (Actual expenses for attending the Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference may be reimbursable.)

Arizona's Lawyer Representatives attend the annual Circuit Conference and meet periodically with Arizona's District Court Judges, Bankruptcy Court Judges, and Magistrate Judges to discuss potential improvements to court operations and procedures. In addition, the Lawyer Representatives play a leading role in organizing the annual Arizona District Conference for Federal Judges and practitioners. One of the important roles of the Lawyer Representatives is to foster open communications between judges and attorneys, as well as provide support and advice in the functioning of the Court. In this regard, please feel free to contact one of the Lawyer Representatives with your questions or comments pertaining to the District and Bankruptcy courts.

A discussion of the role of the Lawyer Representatives can be found at this link

Term Expiration - 2024
Amy Chang, Co-Chair
Patrick Clisham
Drew C. Ensign
Liz Nguyen
Kristian Harrison Salter
Term Expiration - 2025
Michael Jones
Meaghan K. Kramer
Jill H. Perrella, Co-Chair
Sarah Precup
Thomas Stack
Term Expiration - 2026
John Gray
Sivan Korn
Randy McDonald
Jessica Turk
Alex Winkelman